In Hong Kong, the Consumption Voucher Scheme has rolled out lately.  I’ve decided to spend some of it on App Store; after all, most of my online shopping are Taobao, eBay and Amazon, which are not eligible for the scheme.

As the scheme is only for local vendor, you can’t just spend away directly on App Store; you can only add credit by buying the gift vouchers from local vendors.  In my case, I got mine at local convenience store.  By the way, I have registered using AlipayHK under the scheme due to online shopping convenience.

It takes me some time how to input the code.  The gift code is hidden behind the mask tape.  It can be redeemed under Google Play app.  The photo below is extracted from Google Support forum.  As an alert, don’t post your code online!

Taking advantage of the consumption voucher scheme, Circle K has advertised free bonus $25/$50 gift cards for 3-day limited time period, but they are already out of stock when I visit.  Sound like an advertising scam to me.  Avoid.