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Yahoo! Auctions Hong Kong Coming to a Sad Ending

Official notice about the closure is released on 31st January 2020.  The complete cessation of business is scheduled on 31st May 2020.  A sad news but not too surprising.  In recent years they have been active in enhancing the platform, like renewing the design and...

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Florida, US Closes Park for An Unusual Reason

Well, maybe only unusual for the outsiders like me.  In Florida, it is the annual mating season for the natural inhabitants, the snakes!  The official closes the park to bar visitors from interrupting the snake orgy. News source from CNN (warning: sssnake pics)...

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UAE Travel Show on J2, Ruined by One Single Decision

Starting on 3rd February 2020, another travel program is on air on J2 channel, this time featuring the United Arab Emirates.  As a stay-at-home, I lack any knowledge to judge the content, but after watching the first episode, I am dumbfounded by one critical,...

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