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Monkeys Storm Thailand in Wake of Coronavirus

Well they are not aware of the pandemic but those catering for the monkeys have fled.  The monkeys are let loose from the site.  Frankly, a lot of animals in Thailand zoos are only served to entertain visitors, and their living conditions are often jeopardized. [video...

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One Man Brings Back an Oasis

An uplifting clip about an Indian man who works for over 3 decades to restore an oasis.  Talk about strong willpower! More information at the Wikipedia Page : Jadav Payeng [video width="360" height="360"...

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One Benefit from the Current Pandemic

WHO recently declares Coronavirus a Pandemic.  Despite the threat, there are different perspectives online about the Pandemic,  For instance, this tweet about the Coronavirus is quite spot on... https://twitter.com/thatsaragoodman/status/1236465665759838208  

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