DJI Mavic Mini is coming in a few days (well at least in the United States).  One of the primary selling points is the small weight of only 249g.  The odd figure allows the U.S. purchaser to be exempted from the registration of drones weighing at least 250g.  The retail price is set at US$399, about half the cost of the larger models from the same brand.  The battery would last for 30 minutes according to official page.  Follow this for details from official page:

Unfortunately for the Hongkong buyers, the series is currently out of reach according to HK01 news.  Following the chaos in Hong Kong, DJI is not selling any drones to local customers.  Not surprisingly, the local IT magazines have little to zero coverage about the new modal, or even drones in general.

Nevertheless, for convenience, I include the local regulations related to flying drones in Hong Kong.  The rules are expectedly strict.  Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)