Do you like reading novel?  It may sound boring to go through dense lines of text.  That’s why nowadays, visual novels featuring colorful background and sprites would help attract some eyeballs.  Frankly, I’m not really into novel (I prefer writing stories myself) but a recent visual novel has nailed my attention, and currently still going through the story.  The title is only released last year, and it earns top reputation among mobile users.  It’s a horror visual novel called “The Letter”.

This may not be suitable for fragile hearts due to some explicit horror scenes.  But from my experience, the visuals are top notch and dialogues are supported by English voice acting.  The experience is quite immersive even though I only play on a handheld (precisely speaking, it’s my phone).  The caveat is that reading text on a small screen turns out to be a painful experience, and I need pauses between sessions to relax my eyes which have been strained from day job, gazing at the computer screen all day.  In such case, you may consider getting the game on computer instead.  Then, the game claims to contain over 700,000 words of story.  Be warned of heavy reading.

Oh yes, the game supports WIndows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android; price varies though (sorry it’s not a free game; only the first chapter is free but it’s already quite lengthy).  As a tip, you may get a special discounted offer when you start the free trial but the offer will expire under 24 hours after launch.  It’s something 35 % off.  Be aware if you are planning to buy it.

If you like horror story on mobile and are patient reading small texts, The Letter is my top recommendation.  Rarely would you come across such a quality fine piece of visual novel.  Despite the execution, the story progress feels a bit slow.  I’m still in chapter 2 but the majority of the plot still surrounds the character building, like marriage issue and friendship problems.  The occasional intrusion of the ghost feels like being served there to remind you of its existence.  Hopefully the buildup becomes relevant in the end.  In my opinion, one underrated aspect of the game is probably the prolific English writing which makes my works look like childplay.  Becoming a writer is such a lifelong endeavor!