While the pandemic has dampened various aspects of the entertainment sector worldwide, streaming services becomes ever popular as more people stay at home.  And The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most popular Netflix show in 2020.  The story about a chess player has also aroused interest in Hong Kong apparently,  according to SCMP.

The protagonist

The Queen's Gambit (salon.com)

Source: salon.com

Her vibes she gives off remind of a Japanese celebrity..



I have yet to watch the episodes, but the plot sounds intriguing.  How often you will come across a series centered around a static activity like chess, when we are living in a place requiring immediate gratifications at all times?  I only recall the anime series based on Weichi (or called Go, which is kind of a lame name for international audience).  Definitely will look into the series in depth when chances allow (well, only if I have a subscription).

Speaking of the rules of chess, I have only learnt about the basics of the game from books.  Chess beginners may find this book helpful to get started..