Do you watch Hour of Power on TV?  It’s currently broadcasting on TVB during weekends.  I enjoy the teachings from the show a lot, and it’s often the reason I turn on the television on Sunday mornings.  One doesn’t need to resort to the bible before absorbing the positive ideas, which are much needed for the sporadic changes in Hong Kong.  The series are hosted by Bobby Schuller, who is the author of the book I’m reviewing.  Frankly, I’m buying into the book for the fame of the author and his lead program.  Not exactly a review one would expect from professional site.

One may instantly think, well I’m not religious, how does the book matter to me?  The book actually doesn’t push you to become a believer.  It is more of a self help book.  The book is more about changing your belief system by some kinds of affirmations, and less about the doctrines from the bible, which is quoted mainly as supporting reference.  Therefore, you won’t find those intense 30-day transformation program advertised in other self help titles.  Be relaxed!  I have learnt about the power of having habitual positive thoughts.  Sometimes a simple idea can enlighten a person for a long time.  From what I’ve read from the book, personal perspective makes a critical difference on how one lives his life.  The ideas outlined in the book are readily digestible by general audience.  No, you aren’t supposed to read the book and put it away, hoping reading would change your life.  It’s to develop a habit of having those thoughts ingrained in your mind.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking a change in their outlook of life, especially those who lack a religious background.  You may find the missing piece in your life from the book to live it fully.  Unfortunately, the book is a hard find (or actually impossible) in Hong Kong bookstores, which are housing mainly profitable titles.  I only manage to get my copy through Amazon. Check it out now: