Reading fictions and ight novels is a favorite activity for many people.  While phones and computers offer easy platforms to read e-books effortlessly, it’s sometimes preferrable to use a digital ink e-reader like Amazon Kindle.  In this tutorial, we will reveal the basic steps to get your books into the Amazon Kindle, as an example.  (featured Image from Pixabay via Free-Photos)

Amazon Send to Kindle

Amazon offers an easy solution to send your files, whether it’s sending from browser or desktop.  However, the ebook files must be in Amazon supported formats (e.g. AZW, PDF, mobi etc).  ePub is not by the Amazon Kindle.  In addition, you will need to configure the e-mail address to process the conversion files.  This is an ideal solution if you only intend to transfer a small number of files.

Click here to visit the available options from Amazon Send to Kindle page


If you don’t have internet connection to send the files or you just have files that are not supported by Kindle directly, Calibre is a software that will come to your rescue.  It can convert your files into many popular ebook formats.  Best of all, the software is free!  This is also my main way to transport files to the e-reader.  However, if the files are already DRM protected, you may not be able to transfer via Calibre.  In such case, you must use the publisher specified channel (e.g. Amazon).

Click here to download the Calibre software