Sharp WG-S20 is an old model of electronic memo taker.  I use it back recently after leaving it to collect dust for a while.  Apparently the official site is still offering downloads of the forms.  Even 2022 calendar is available.  My kudos to the company!

The official download page of forms:

The blue menu breaks down the forms by categories.

The form template comes in 2 different download types like this one below.

The first link gives you the .form file that you can install.  A blank template that you can choose when creating a new page.

The second link is to download the BMP or JPG image file.  Installing it will create a new notebook.

The official site has instructions on how to install the files into the device.

Form :


I will briefly explain the steps.

Installing the forms

After connecting the device to the computer, put the downloaded file (.form extension) in the NOTEFORM directory.  Disconnect and choose the option below.  Confirm when prompts to install.

You can change the default template in the setting as below.

Installing the refills

After connection, put the BMP or JPG files in the IMPORT directory.  Disconnect and select the option below.  A new notebook will be created base on the files.  Note that due to old date of the downloaded files, the created notebook will fall to the very back in the navigation view.  Change the notebook view as required.