I have been using Excel to collect tarot meanings from books and online sources.  I just find it convenient to see all different interpretations in one sheet.  Here is a template I would like to share with all interested in the tool.


Download link


To start using it, simply input the card code in the field (cell B1).  The other input helps provide another card meaning for comparison.  For the list of codes, refer to the ‘definition’ worksheet.  For instance, S1 refers to Ace of Sword and 1 refers to Magician etc.

Note the definitions provided are intended for samples only.  You should use your own set of definitions.  Feel free to amend the file to fit your needs.  Thank you.

P.S. I use N to stands for Knights because K is reserved for Kings.  T(ten) is used to 10 to keep the code in 2 digits.  The code can be amended at your convenience.